Manor Court proposals wanted

Bideford Town Council is inviting public ‘presentments’ from the people of Bideford ahead of Manor Court next month.

BIDEFORD Town Council is inviting townsfolk to submit their “presentments” ahead of Manor Court next month.

The centuries-old tradition of Manor Court originally allowed the townspeople of Bideford to bring issues before the Lords of the Manor for consideration.

Now, the Town Council will be hearing presentments from the people of Bideford on suggestions for the town’s improvement.

Members of the public who are registered on the electoral register can send their ideas or proposals to make Bideford a better place to the Council for consideration.

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Presentments must be submitted to the foreman of the jury, and the most feasible will be chosen by a jury of 12 respected town residents to be presented to the court.

At last year’s court, ideas put forward included resurrecting the Pride in Bideford initiative, market Bideford as a tourist destination and provide safe walkways.

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Actions on these previous presentments will also be discussed at this year’s court.

This year’s court will take place on March 17, at 10.30am, at Bideford Town Hall, and will be followed by a reception at the Royal Hotel.

Those wishing to apply to become a juror or attend the ceremony should contact the Town Clerk.

Presentments must be sent to: Foreman of the Jury, c/o the Manor Steward, Town Clerk’s Office, Town Hall, Bideford, to arrive no later than March 2.

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