Around £8,000 worth of damage was caused when group smashed windows of vehicles and rode on them.

A young Barnstaple man was ‘showing off to his girlfriend’ when he and his friends broke into a coach and caused £8,000 worth of damage.

Jordan Jones, 19, of Hughes Avenue, also admitted riding in a minibus which was also broken into at M&D Transpprt in Torrington.

Jones and a group of friends smashed the vehicles’ windows and took a fire extinguisher and a stereo from them.

They also sprayed grafitti on the bonnet of the coach, before driving it into a metal fence.

Police discovered the crashed coach at around 12.30am on October 18 and said officers noted a ‘smell of burnt clutch’ in the air.

Jones admitted being present and returning to the scene to wipe fingerprints from the vehicles.

He told magistrates: “I shouldn’t have been in the vehicles and I very much regret it.”

Jones, who works as a care worker, said he did not want to lose his licence as his mother was disabled and he would also lose his job.

But magistrates had no choice but to ban him from driving for 12 months for the offences.

They also sentenced him to 100 hours of unpaid work, and to pay compensation of £500.