A Halloween party drink driver who was covered in fake blood has been jailed after he injured five people in a head-on crash in Bideford.

Kieran Taylor was wearing a Halloween outfit that included black and red make-up on his face before his dangerous driving led to the evening ending with true horror.

He had smoked cannabis and was over the drink drive limit when he tried to overtake a car in New Road and crashed head on into a family who were driving in the opposite direction.

The impact was so great that the driver of the other car said she felt as if she had been blown up by a terrorist bomb.

The crash happened directly outside the police station in Bideford and rescuers who found him and his injured passenger were confused by the fake blood which both were using.

The scene of the collision in BidefordThe scene of the collision in Bideford

Taylor only had a provisional licence but had no L plates and no insurance and had been seen shouting and gesticulating at the car in front before he tried to overtake it.

His passenger suffered internal injuries to his liver and lungs and broken right leg and thigh. He had to be cut free and airlifted to hospital in Bristol.

Taylor himself received a broken leg and pelvis and the driver and two passengers in the other car suffered injuries including a broken elbow. All needed hospital treatment.

Taylor, aged 27, of Clovelly Road, Bideford, admitted causing serious injury by dangerous driving, drink driving, and having no licence or insurance.

The scene of the collision in BidefordThe scene of the collision in Bideford

He was jailed for two years and banned for driving for three years after his release by Recorder Llewellyn Sellick at Exeter Crown Court.

He told him: “This was a bad case of dangerous driving which caused serious injuries.

“It was made worse by the fact you were over the drink drive limit and had been driving aggressively and overtaken when it was clearly dangerous to do so.”

Mr Gordon Richings, prosecuting, said Taylor and his passenger had been to a pub in Bideford and were on their way to a Halloween party when the accident happened on Saturday, October 28, last year.

The scene of the collision in Bideford. Picture: Matt SmartThe scene of the collision in Bideford. Picture: Matt Smart

He said: “They had both painted their faces black and red. When interviewed Taylor said he had behaved like an idiot.”

His Honda Civic had tailgated a car which was keeping to the speed limit and he was seen shouting and gesticulating before he launched the overtaking manoeuvre which led to the crash.

Taylor had drunk two or three pints and smoked cannabis. His blood alcohol reading was 108 milligrammes against a limit of 80. The level of cannabis was not high enough to have impaired his driving.

He narrowly missed an oncoming Jaguar before hitting a Vauxhall Cascada with three people inside.

One of the victims made a statement, saying that her elbow injury had a devastating effect on her business as a self employed hairdresser.

The victim, who did not want to be named, said: “I did not know what had happened. It felt as if we were involved in a terrorist attack. It was like having a bomb explode beneath us.”

Hollie Gilbery, defending, said Taylor was a hard working man who has expressed real remorse at injuring his friend and the other victims.

He himself suffered serious injuries and now suffers from flashbacks and night terrors.

Speaking after the hearing, Sergeant Andy Lear, the officer in charge of the case, welcomed the sentencing.

He told the Gazette: “This was a prolonged episode of aggressive and dangerous driving in a built up area my Mr Taylor.

“It was extremely fortunate that no one was killed in this collision.

“The matter was further aggravated by the fact that Mr Taylor was over the drink drive limit and admitted smoking cannabis earlier that day, he was not driving in accordance with his provisional licence and also uninsured.

“This episode again highlights the dangerous decisions people make when they decide to drive after drinking alcohol and/or taking drugs.”