A homeless man who had a grudge against his local pub has been jailed for smashing its windows in a terrifying axe attack.

Cameron Headon was seen carrying the two and a half foot long weapon through Holsworthy before he used it to smash two doors and three windows of the Golden Fleece pub.

A cashpoint customer who turned around to see him with the axe at shoulder height was so frightened she ran into a shop for refuge and called the police.

Headon had already carried out his wrecking spree at the pub before officers arrived to disarm and arrest him.

He blamed childhood bullying and the stress of being homeless for his crime spree.

The incident on April 30 was the culmination of five weeks of bizarre and violent behaviour during which Headon terrified the driver and passengers of two buses in Barnstaple and smashed up a late night convenience store.

Headon, aged 22, of no fixed abode, admitted affray, battery, two counts of criminal damage and having an axe in a public place.

He was jailed for eight months by Recorder Jonathan Barnes at Exeter Crown Court

He told him: “The probation report says this all arises from what you saw as bullying during your childhood in Holsworthy but it is plain that drugs and alcohol also played a part.

“You are a very disturbed young man.

“The most serious incident has to be the one involving the axe. You were in drink and around in the streets of Holsworthy when passers-by were going about their business.”

Gordon Richings, prosecuting, said Headon was involved in two different frightening incidents at Barnstaple bus station on the night of March 23 this year.

In the first, he tried to board a bus while covered in blood and claiming a bank statement was a valid ticket.

The driver told him to leave and he fell off, spilling a bottle of cider over himself in the process.

He became so angry when the driver refused to open the doors that he went round to the driver’s door, pulled it open, and spat at the driver.

He then threw a bottle into the bus, which smashed, frightening passengers, including a mother and her small children.

A short while later he started hammering at the perspex window of another bus, pushing over a passenger who tried to pacify him, and smashing another bottle on the floor.

On April 28 at 3.45am he went into the all night shop at an Esso garage in Sticklepath Hill, Barnstaple and caused more than £200 damage by throwing bottles and food around.

The axe incident happened two days later, when a cashpoint user saw Headon carrying the axe just feet away and fled into a shop.

He went on to attack the pub, where the landlord heard smashing and came down to find windows and doors broken.

Rupert Taylor, defending, said Headon is 22, from a supportive family, and has never been in trouble before.

He experienced bullying in his youth and went off the rails after becoming homeless and living rough in Barnstaple.

He had been attacked before the incidents in the bus station and was being chased by others when he went into the garage and threw bottles at his pursuers to defend himself.

Mr Taylor said Headon associated the pub in Holsworthy with the bullying he had experienced in the past.