A Barnstaple pensioner has appeared in court charged with gaining sexual gratification by forcing 999 crews to touch and restrain him.

John Dexter faces 10 similar charges between August and November last year.

The 66-year-old is charged 'with intent caused a man aged 16 or over to engage in sexual activity of a non-penetrative nature' – namely 'behaved in a way forcing officers to touch and restrain him from which you gained sexual gratification, when he did not consent'.

The alleged offences are against male 999 crews in uniform, a court was told.

Dexter also faces nine charges of making nuisance 999 calls between last November and April this year. Exeter magistrates heard he allegedly made 170 calls to police and 211 to the ambulance service.

He entered no pleas to the 21 charges and was released on bail on the conditions he must not contact police or ambulance services except for 'a genuine reason', nor approach or touch emergency personal 'without explicit consent'.

The case was sent to Exeter Crown Court for a hearing next month.