A drunken night club attacker who bit off part of another man’s ear and left him permanently disfigured has been jailed for seven years.

Nicholas Webber-Dollery made pig-like grunting noises as he clamped his teeth onto the victim’s left ear, bit through it, and spat it out.

Door staff found severed flesh on the dance floor at the Tavern Club in Barnstaple but doctors were unable to re-attach it during three days which the victim spent in hospital.

He had been left permanently disfigured and made a victim statement in which he said he is now reluctant to go out and is self-conscious about his appearance.

Machine operator Webber-Dollery had been drinking for hours with two colleagues from work when he went onto the dance floor and started pestering the victim and other dancers.

The Tavern in Barnstaple.The Tavern in Barnstaple.

He kept touching them and became angry when the victim pushed him away. He went to the bar, fetched his two friends, boxed in the victim and then bit off the top of his left ear.

The entire incident was caught on the club’s CCTV system in which Webber-Dollery was seen lowering his head to reach the ear.

He was jailed for seven years after a jury at Exeter Crown Court rejected his claim that he was trying to head butt the victim and did not intend to cause such serious harm.

Webber-Dollery, aged 29, of High Street, Bideford, admitted causing grievous bodily harm but denied the more serious offence of doing so with intent.

Nichola Webber-Dollery. Picture: Devon and Cornwall PoliceNichola Webber-Dollery. Picture: Devon and Cornwall Police

He was found guilty and jailed for seven years by Judge David Evans.

Judge Evans told him: “You went straight to the side of his head with your teeth. It was not all over in a split second.

“It took a number of seconds to clamp down and bite through with what must have been significant force.

“You took off an appreciable portion of the top of his left ear and it was in fact discovered by floor staff but an effort to re-attach it was not successful.

“Your culpability his higher because you used your teeth as a weapon. You had taken on board a very large amount of alcohol but that is no mitigation.”

William Hunter, prosecuting, said the attack happened just before midnight on October 12 last year and followed a minor confrontation in Webber-Dollery danced in front of the victim, who pushed him away.

CCTV showed him returning about a minute later with two friends and carrying out the attack.

Mr Hunter said: “[The victim] described the defendant making a noise like a pig. He then heard a crunch type sound.

“Webber-Dollery had bitten off part of his ear. The CCTV demonstrates he knew exactly what he was doing.”

Webber-Dollery told the jury he was very drunk and had no intention of hurting anyone.

He apologised to the victim and said he would give him one of his ears if he could.

Richard Crabb, defending, said Webber-Dollery has no previous convictions and was a hard-working man who was going through a hard time in his personal life and drinking too much as a result.