Friends of Maddy Verena are holding a Fundraiser for Our Madds in Bideford on Friday, November 17

The friends of a Bideford woman have rallied around to try and give her a new lease of life after a run of bad luck.

Photographer and DJ Maddy Verena has suffered a series of crippling back injuries that have hampered her ability to work and the final straw was recently fracturing her knee, leaving her housebound.

Despite this she does not qualify for any financial assistance which would enable her to get a mobility scooter so her friends and clients are throwing a fundraising party in Bideford on Friday, November 17.

Fundraiser for Our Madds will be a DJ night at the Social Services club above Caesers Palace in Cooper Street from 10pm.

Organiser and performer Sarah Cadogen-Wright said Maddy started out as her photographer and became her friend.

She said: “I have seen her have a lot of injuries and accidents which were not her fault.

“The knee injury made me realise what an impact it’s had on her and she has had to stop working, so I thought rather than expect everybody else to do something, why not get all her friends and clients together – she’s a great woman and we all love her.”

A good friend has already loaned Maddy the money for a scooter, but she hopes the event will raise enough to pay them back.

Her problems began in 2005 and two years later she was diagnosed with severely prolapsed discs in her back that had wrapped around her spinal cord.

She had two operations and had to give up her dream of a photography studio that she had opened a few months before.

Complications and a car accident led to specialists telling her the nerve damage was so severe there was nothing more they could do.

Despite this she trained as a swimming instructor and continued her photography work at weddings whenever she could, but it became harder and harder for her body to continue.

She used to qualify for mobility and financial assistance but said now her partner’s wage had increased she was entitled to very little.

She added: “I think there must be hundreds of people out there in the same situation.

“I don’t want to be carried – if I can do something, I’ll do it, but I don’t think it’s fair I could not even get a scooter so my friends have had to do this for me.

“I can’t thank everyone enough; I am just looking forward to being with everyone on the night.”