Soup up your wacky transport and join the big parade on Saturday, October 10 at Taddiport

The call has gone out for wacky chariots and all manner of off-the-wall transport to join the first ever Rolle Road Rally at Taddiport in Torrington on Saturday, October 10.

Wheelchairs, beds, prams, wheelbarrows, suitcases or any form of 'Mad Maxed' transport is welcome to join in, with three categories - static entries, mobile entries and walking exhibits.

It has been organised by local artist Shan Miller and will raise money for the Rolle Canal plus other local charities.

Taking inspiration from Mad Max and Gladiator, 'Maximus', alias Frankie Clifford, will lead the parade in the ultimate bespoke chariot designed by Big Al Mitchell.

The evening will finish with live bands at The Loft in Taddiport.

* To enter, call Shan on 07934 688965 or 01805 624384 or visit the Faux Arts at The Loft Facebook page.