Lynmouth whale jaw bone wasn’t stolen

Misunderstanding on its whereabouts revealed by council

FEARS that the jaw bone of a fin whale washed up at Lynmouth Beach had gone missing or even been stolen have been allayed after it was confirmed the bone is in a secure location.

The 55 feet long mammal was discovered dead on Lynmouth beach on Tuesday, August 9 and a number of organisations worked together to deal with the situation to remove it and dispose of it safely.

North Devon Council said today that although the technical operation had been completed successfully, there was a genuine misunderstanding as to the whereabouts of the jaw bone.

Some had speculated that it had been stolen by an opportunist and could “end up on EBay” in the coming months.

“Due to the number of organisations involved, there was some difficulty in confirming where the jaw bone had gone,” explained ward member for Lynton and Lynmouth, Councillor Julian Gurney.

“However, we can confirm the bone is safely secure in North Devon, where it can be preserved and will be displayed in Lynmouth in due course.”

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The current location of the jaw bone is not being revealed to protect it and the site where it is being kept.

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