There were spectacular scenes on Lundy Island on Thursday night when islanders set alight a giant wicker man to 
celebrate the Landmark Trust’s 50th anniversary.

Island staff spent countless hours building the huge 30ft-tall tribute from scrap wood, old chicken wire, and rhododendron, which lasted just a matter of minutes once it was set alight.

The evening included a great feast and music.

It made for quite a spectacle - people on the mainland in Westward Ho! reported seeing the wicker man as he went out in a blaze of glory.

The event was the brainchild of Steve Pratt, who said: "It was something that we spoke about doing years past and felt it would be a nice idea.

"The film was the obvious reference point with the idea that we are a little island off the coast of the mainland; and I went to a burning man festival in Wales and thought it was very impressive.

"It really was a one-off. The work that went into it was pretty intense and I think trying to do it year on year would be pushing it a bit.

"I think everyone visiting thought they had struck gold and everybody really enjoyed the night."