Lundy takes delivery of fire bowser

LUNDY has taken delivery of a new water bowser, in case of fire.

The bowser, which is capable of transporting 4,000 litres of water around the island behind a tractor, has been provided by Devon and Somerset Fire and Rescue Service and was taken to the island on board its supply ship MS Oldenburg.

It replaces the island’s old pump unit and complements its existing fire appliance, which arrived by landing craft three years ago.

Lundy employs 27 members of staff, with 10 of them employed by Devon and Somerset fire and rescue service as volunteer fire fighters, under the leadership of island’s general manager Derek Green as Station 85 Watch Manager. They receive training from the service annually and run their own drills on the island.

Due to it’s remote location the Lundy staff provide emergency cover for the Fire and Rescue Service, HM Coastguard and the South Western Ambulance Service.

Derek said: “ We’re delighted to take ownership of the new pump, which will help us to better deal with any incidents that may occur on the island. While we have improved fire safety awareness considerably in recent years, we’re very much aware that we need to be able to deal with any incident that may occur until back up from the mainland arrives. The new bowser will help us with that tremendously. We’re extremely grateful to Devon and Somerset Fire & Rescue Service for their ongoing support “

Lundy, which is owned by the National Trust and managed by the Landmark Trust, attracts more than 20,000 visitors annually, with more than 5,000 staying in the island’s 23 self catering properties.

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