Lucky to have Hirst

I read your letters page of August 8 with a smile and thought how subjective art is and the passions it brings forth.

Love it, hate it, you can’t ignore it.

Personally, as a resident in Ilfracombe I think we are extremely fortunate to have a world renowned artist taking an interest in this lovely place.

Damien Hirst’s No.11 The Quays is an example of good business and contemporary design. And as for Verity, well, how fantastic is she? Absolutely amazing. I can’t wait to see her installed. Thank you Mr Hirst!

I hope this happens soon and doesn’t take endless meetings to come to a decision.

I don’t usually have many good words to say about councillors, parish or county, as generally I have found them to have a preference for living in the past.

I’m sure some residents and councillors would like the splendid Victorian Week to be an all-year-round fixture.

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Perhaps people might do well to note that if the artisans, builders, designers and architects from bygone times were here today they would no doubt be embracing all the new technologies that we have.

However, the planning department here in Ilfracombe should be commended for giving the go-ahead to the brilliant new development that replaces the old hydro building overlooking the harbour.

Thanks also to the architects for coming up with such an innovative design. The roof is an artwork in itself and the whole thing just proves how old and new can blend together.

The Landmark Theatre design is a good example of past and present. Heritage being shown in the lime kiln shape from historical industry in this area to the utilisation of the interior for everyone with its theatre, cafe, bar and venue areas and outside seating and gardens.

We are so very lucky to have this multifunctional facility. I have never visited the theatre so much in my life.

I’ve always believed that this town deserves a better reputation than it has because Ilfracombe has so much to offer and it feels now that there is a vibrancy about the place. Lots of new restaurants, businesses and developments are appearing.

Maybe Ilfracombe is getting the facelift and upgrade that is long overdue. The beautiful old broad that she truly is, gets the young Verity, The Broad With The Sword, to give her a helping hand!

Lesley Cleary


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