Van driver had to be removed from his vehicle on a spinal board after collision on Link Road in May, a court heard.

A lorry driver has admitted causing a crash on the North Devon Link Road which saw a man removed from his van on a spinal board.

John Marshall, 47, of Upottery, near Honiton, pleaded guilty to driving without due car and attention.

North Devon Magistrates' Court heard Marshall was driving a four-tonne lorry towards Tiverton when the collision occurred in the Bish Mill area on May 31.

He had not seen the van in front of him was stationary and went straight into the back of it.

Prosecutor Philip Sewell said: "The collision caused extensive damage to both vehicles; due to the impact the vehicles could not even be separated at first.

"The van driver suffered severe whiplash and bruising to his back."

Marshall told the court he had since left his job as it had been very stressful driving to time limits, and was 'very sorry' for the crash.

Magistrates imposed six points on his license, which added to his existing six points amounted in a six month ban. He was also fined £275.

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