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Good day, citizens of North Devon. My name is Philip Printess and I am reaching out to anyone who may know someone with the surname of Lane.

My mother is the last of my grandfather’s family, and knows very little of her cousins living in the UK. This is one of the reasons why I am looking to complete my grandfather’s family tree and maybe find some long-lost relatives along the way.

Here is what I know of my grandfather’s family. My grandfather was born Earnest Andrew Lane in 1898 in Plaistow, east London.

He moved from England to Canada in around 1913 with his parents, Thomas John Lane and Louisa Maria Lane, along with several siblings, to farm the land that the family had purchased.

Some time later my grandfather’s mother moved back to the UK, taking most of his brothers and sisters with her.

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To this day the reasons are unknown. It could have been the harsh Canadian winters or maybe a poor crop season.

We will never know, but one thing I do know is that my grandfather stayed behind with his father and one brother, Tom Lane.

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My great-grandfather, my great-uncle and my grandfather never returned to England. My grandfather moved around North America, ending up in Kentucky, where he met and married my grandmother, Edna May McGregor, having two children, both girls, and eventually moving back to Canada.

My grandfather still kept in contact with one brother, Philip James Lane, born around 1902 in Plaistow.

Philip married Elizabeth Mary Kitley (“Kit”) Burrough and had three sons that I know of. The first was Philip W R Lane, born around 1931,who married Joy M Beech. Then came Thomas and Martin.

Philip and his wife Kit came to Canada along with Martin to visit for a month somewhere around the late 1940s to early 1950s.

Back home in the UK, Philip was a contractor building houses after the war.

The last address my grandfather had for Philip was 7 Tuckers Park, Bideford.

Philip W R Lane may have had two sons and a daughter named Janet M Lane, born around 1957. Martin Lane may have had two sons – Steven and Martin Jr. And Thomas Lane may have had a son named Andy.

Going by the year Philip W R was born, all of these children may have been born between 1952 and 1965.

My grandfather, it appears, had six sisters: Elizabeth Louisa, Marion Matilda, Mary Alice, Lucy Emma, Dorothy (“Dolly”), and Frances.

These names I have gotten from photos and a boarding pass. There also may have been a brother, John Fredrick.

Since Philip Lane has the largest concentration of family names that can be identified through photos, this is where I started my search.

I am hoping that by posting this letter it may lead to more clues and eventually making contact with family members who can share photos and stories with me and my family. Thank you.

Philip Printess


(Email: Phil_po9ssm@hotmail.com)

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