The two dedicated workers have notched up 35 years after starting in the blowing room on the same day.

TWO Dartington Crystal employees are celebrating three-and-a-half decades of work after receiving a long service award.

Paul Weeks and Paul Adams started working in the blowing room of the Torrington factory on May 30, 1977.

The craftsmen both received an award for 35 years of service this month from Dartington Crystal’s managing director, Neil Hughes.

Mr Weeks said: “One high point was that I met my wife Carol here, and we’ve been married for 30 years now.

“I think the longest serving person here has done 44 years, so there’s still a bit to go.”

The factory has seen some changes since the two men first started.

“There used to 110 people in the blowing room when we started; now there’s about 15 or 16,” said Mr Adams.

“It’s quite an achievement to stay in the same place for so long.”