Long list of lost property items at police station

Barnstaple police station

Barnstaple police station - Credit: Archant

Police reveal 200 items of lost property received in two months included trumpet, pram, duvet and more than £700 in cash.

SHOTGUN cartridges, kayak paddles, sun cream and a trumpet were among 200 items of lost property handed into Barnstaple Police Station over two months.

Information obtained by the Gazette showed, in June and July, more than £700 in cash was handed over to officers, along with 26 wallets or purses.

Identity cards, such as national insurance or membership cards, were the most commonly handed in items with 39 incidents logged, followed by bank cards.

However, the police clarified that items may have been handed in together so the 200 items would not all account for separate incidents.

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Sgt Paul Jones, of Barnstaple Police Station, said: “We do get a lot of property handed in to police stations and we make every effort to return items to their owners.

“The most common forms of property handed in are keys and driving licences as well as wallets containing cash.

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“The fact that so much cash is handed in speaks volumes about the honesty of people within North Devon.”

Other unusual finds included two knives – one of which was dropped into the sharps box at the station, the other was found by a PCSO on the street.

Various old car tools and a car mat, a tent and duvet, tobacco, torn papers, documents, golf putters and a personal attack alarm were all logged by officers.

Sgt Jones added: “It isn’t unusual to have some very unexpected items handed in to the police station.

“For instance, we regularly receive World War Two memorabilia including weapons and have in the past even been presented with items such as live grenades and flares.

“I strongly advise anyone finding such weapons and ammunition to leave the items where they were found and to then call the police so that the situation can be assessed to ensure everybody’s safety.”

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