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Sir – Tony Rutherford of Bideford Fisheries claims to be saddened that little local fish lands on the plates of North Devon diners and we are all forced to eat fish from Plymouth and Brixham.

We spend around �60,000 a year buying fresh fish, not frozen, not breadcrumbed and not from Grimsby.

We buy our fish mainly from Plymouth, Looe and Newquay, for the very simple reason these markets deliver fresh high quality fish to our kitchen door every single day at highly competitive prices.

This week we have bought 20kg of fresh Exmouth mussels definitely delicious and definitely local. In addition we have also purchased monkfish, whole cod, plaice, red mullet, john dory and haddock all from Atlantic waters and landed in Plymouth, then delivered on a fresh daily basis to meet our requirements.

We also picked up gilt head bream from the Med and Scottish farmed salmon, in all about 25kg in weight.

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To be in the ‘local’ game Bideford Fisheries needs to give a service to the pubs, restaurant and hotels that abound in North Devon, a service that encompasses, traceability, sustainability daily deliveries of quality fresh fish and shellfish at prices that makes eating fresh local seafood a real experience. Please make sure That the �1 million is used for the real benefit of all in North Devon.

Gerry Goodwin,

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Hoops Inn,

Horns Cross.

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