North Devon and Torridge residents are being reminded to make sure they have their say on local issues by registering to vote.

Local district and parish elections are just around the corner, taking place on Thursday, May 2 across both districts.

Anyone who is aged 18 or over will be able to vote on the day, providing they are on the register of electors.

Residents have until April 12 to be included in the register - it’s quick and easy to do, taking just five minutes to apply online.

Electoral services manager at North Devon Council, Judith Dark, said: “Registration only needs to be done once, unless something changes such as your address or you get married and change your name, then details need to be updated.

“You can register to vote when you are 17-years-old, so you’re ready to vote in any election or referendum you’re eligible to vote in once you’re 18. Voting at district and parish elections is your chance to have your say about who represents your views on local issues.”

More information about registering to vote and the different ways to vote, including postal and absent votes, can be found on the council websites at and .

The deadline is April 15 for postal votes and for a proxy vote on behalf of someone else is April 24.