South West mums undecided on how to vote

Your Vote Counts

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New report by Asda says 79 per cent of mums across the region will be voting - but two thirds and are unsure who for.

Two thirds of mums in the South West are still open to persuasion on who they will vote for, according to Asda.

The supermarket has revealed a new report saying 79 per cent of Asda mums in the region will be voting on May 7 in the general election.

With the election just six weeks away, Asda has published the final report of its year-long ‘Mumdex’ election series which has polled more than 13,000 mums up and down the country.

UK mums have also said what the key battleground areas are for politicians to focus on – putting the NHS at the top of their agenda for politicians with 70 per cent saying it mattered most them with the cost of living (65 per cent) and education (42 per cent) coming second and third.

The report also revealed coalitions weren’t popular with South West mums, with 35 per cent worrying coalitions stop things getting done

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Two fifths of mums in the South West feel disconnected from Westminster

Just 18 per cent of Mums in the region found that their children had asked them questions about politics , and 29 per cent thought online voting would make them more likely to vote.

If you’re still uncdecided on how to vote, you can grill parliamentary candidates for North Devon live on Thursday night, from 7pm - 9pm on the Gazette website.

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