Previous election winners in North Devon and Torridge

Elections take place on May 7

Elections take place on May 7 - Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

How do tonight’s results compare to the elections of previous years in North Devon and Torridge? Find out here...

As we await the results of the 2015 General Election – expected just after 4am tomorrow (Friday) – we take a look back at the last three elections.

North Devon

North Devon has seen Liberal Democrat MP Nick Harvey in power since 1992.

Mr Harvey won by 47.4 per cent in 2010 with 24,305 votes, with the Conservatives coming second with 36 per cent (18,484 votes) and UKIP coming third with 7.2 per cent (3,720 votes).

In the election before that in 2005, Nick Harvey took 45.9 per cent of the vote (23,840 votes), beating the Conservatives with 36.3 per cent (18,868 votes) and Labour with nine per cent (4,656).

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And in 2001, Nick Harvey was victorious once more, taking 44.2 per cent of the votes (21,784 seats), with Conservatives second with 38.2 per cent (18,800 seats) and Labour third with 10.1 per cent (4,995 seats).

Before Nick Harvey’s first victory in 1992, North Devon had a Conservative MP, Tony Speller, who won elections in 1979, 1983 and 1987.

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Over in Torridge, Conservative MP Geoffrey Cox has been MP for Torridge and West Devon since 2005.

Mr Cox won a majority of 45.7 per cent in 2010 (25,230 votes), with Lib Dems coming second at 40.3 per cent (22,273 votes) and UKIP third with 5.5 per cent (3,021 votes).

In 2005 Mr Cox won by 42.7 per cent (25,013 votes), with the Lib Dems second again with 37.2 per cent (21,777 votes) and Labour third with 10.2 per cent (6,001 votes).

Previous to Mr Cox, Torridge and West Devon has a Lib Dem MP, John Burnett, from 1997 – 2001. From 1983 – 1992 the Conservatives won the elections.

Keep up with the latest election results from North Devon and Torridge & West Devon on our live blog here.

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