North Devon MP Peter Heaton-Jones hopes to make the most of ‘blue tide’ influence

North Devon's newly-elected MP, Peter Heaton-Jones

North Devon's newly-elected MP, Peter Heaton-Jones - Credit: Archant

Newly-elected North Devon MP Peter Heaton-Jones says his first week in the job has been ‘extremely stimulating and exciting’ as he sets out his stall for the next five years.

The Conservative new boy spoke to the Gazette at the Conservative Association in Barnstaple on Friday.

Mr Heaton-Jones said he was ‘elated’ with last week’s election result but said he’d had ‘no break whatsoever’ since being elected at 6.50am on Friday morning.

“By the afternoon, I was having meetings,” he said. “We’ve been working 18-hour days and receiving an average of 100 emails a day.

“It’s been really enjoyable, though. Going to Westminster for the first time is a bit like the first day of school.

“One of my highlights was going and sitting on a green bench in the House of Commons for the first time. The sense of history you get in that place is extraordinary and you really feel the weight of responsibility.”

Mr Heaton-Jones was one of 74 new Conservative MPs congratulated by David Cameron, with a ‘special mention’ given to those who were part of the ‘blue tide’ that saw the Tories claim all but one of the seats in the South West.

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“That means we can really get things moving,” he said.

“I’m going to use that influence to make sure we have got a really strong voice and I’ve already been talking to other MPs to lobby as a group for the area.

“We’ve all got the same concern which is to get our fair share of the funding cake.”

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