General Election 2019: What happened when North Devon and Torridge voted in 2017?

Top: Nick Harvey, Peter Heaton-Jones and Mark Cann at the North Devon Count. Bottom: Vince Barry, Ge

Top: Nick Harvey, Peter Heaton-Jones and Mark Cann at the North Devon Count. Bottom: Vince Barry, Geoffrey Cox and David Chalmers at the Torridge and West Devon count. - Credit: Archant

North Devon is going to the polls for the third time in four-and-a-half years on Thursday (December 12). Here is what happened when North Devon and Torridge went to the polls in 2017.

Remember the General Election in 2017? The year everyone won, but no-one really won. Theresa May's plan to whip up a commanding majority was blown out of the water as Labour made significant gains, resulting in a hung parliament and, ultimately, the deadlock that brought us to this pre-Christmas vote.

While there were plenty of twists and turns across the country, things were a bit more straightforward in Torridge and West Devon, where Geoffrey Cox held his seat in the commons with a record victory.

Mr Cox received 33,612 votes, which was 56 percent of the overall turnout.

A buck in the usual trend saw Labour get their highest ever share of the vote in Torridge, with Vince Barry receiving 12,926 votes (21.68 per cent).

Liberal Democrat David Chalmers recovered some support for the party after their disappointing outing in 2015, winning 10,526 votes (17.68 per cent).

Independent candidate Robin Julian received 794 votes and the Green Party candidate Chris Jordan received 1,622.

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Things were a bit closer in North Devon, where Peter Heaton-Jones retained the seat he won in 2015 by a majority of 4,332 votes.

Mr Heaton-Jones secured 25,517 votes to Liberal Democrat Sir Nick Harvey's 21,185, as 73.5 per cent of the North Devon electorate turned out to vote.

Mark Cann secured 7,063 votes for the Labour Party, Steve Crowther of UKIP won 1,187 and Ricky Knight of the Green Party claimed 753.

2017 Election Results:


Peter Heaton-Jones, Conservative: 25,517 votes

Nick Harvey, Lib Dem: 21,185 votes

Mark Cann, Labour: 7,063

Steve Crowther, UKIP: 1,187

Ricky Knight, Green: 753.


Geoffrey Cox, Conservative: 33,612

Vince Barry, Labour: 12,926

David Chalmers, Lib Dem: 10,526

Chris Jordan, Green: 1,622

Robin Julian, Independent: 794

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