General Election 2017: When will the general election results for North Devon and Torridge and West Devon be announced?

Polling stations will open on Thursday, June 8. Photo: Nick Butcher

Polling stations will open on Thursday, June 8. Photo: Nick Butcher - Credit: Nick Butcher

As voters prepare for June 8, here’s a guide to what happens when the polling stations close...

When do the polling stations close?

Polling stations will be open on June 8 from 7am until 10pm. Counting of votes will start immediately after the close and continue throughout the night, with the first seat usually being announced before midnight. In North Devon, votes will be counted at the leisure centre in Barnstaple, while the Torridge and West Devon count will take place at Langtree Parish Hall.

To find your polling station, enter your postcode on

What are exit polls and when do they come out?

An exit poll is an opinion poll taken as people are leaving a polling station. It asks how they have voted. This will be carried out during the day on Thursday, June 8 and published after voting has closed.

When are the individual seat declaration times?

Estimated seat declaration times for North Devon, and Torridge and West Devon have been created based on forecasts obtained from local councils. At present North Devon is expected to reveal its results between 4am and 6am, with Torridge and West Devon following expected between 6am and 8am on June 9.

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When is the final result expected?

The final result should be revealed sometime on the morning of Friday, June 9 with the first seats being declared from around midnight. Sunderland is often the first area to announce their results, doing so over the last six general elections.

In the UK we use the first-past-the-post voting system, which means the candidate with the most votes in each constituency becomes the MP for the area.

In order for a party to form a government it needs to obtain more than half of the seats in the House of Commons and there are 650 in total. The party with the second largest amount of seats becomes the main opposition party.

The Electoral Commission publishes the overall results and individual constituencies.

Vote counting can continue into the afternoon and traditionally St Ives is the last of the 650 constituencies across the country to declare.

The results will be reported live on the Gazette website as soon as they are revealed. Follow all the results and reaction from the local counts on our live blog. We’ll also be welcoming your comments and reaction – add them directly to our live feed through the night, or tweet us using #NDElection2017 to have your comments added.

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