General Election 2017: ‘Vote positively and not tactically’ says North Devon’s Labour candidate

Mark Cann is the Labour candidate for North Devon.

Mark Cann is the Labour candidate for North Devon. - Credit: Archant

Watch as we chat with Mark Cann about his party’s policies and what it means to be the Labour candidate for North Devon

Vote for the party you believe in and not tactically is Labour candidate Mark Cann’s message to the electorate in the run up to polling day.

On Thursday the country goes to the polls for a snap General Election and there has been much talk in North Devon of ‘voting tactically’.

But Mr Cann told the Gazette: “I believe voting should be a positive experience. We have a very exciting manifesto to offer the nation and I hear many people say to me they want to be a part of that and they want to vote positively in this election.”

You can watch the full interview with Mr Cann here, including the issues he is standing on in North Devon – the health service, halting the STP process, zero hours contracts and more affordable housing among others.

General Election 2017

General Election 2017 - Credit: Archant

“The only way you are going to get change is if you vote for it. I also say to people who vote tactically – be careful what you wish for.

“In 2010 we ended up with the Liberal Democrats supporting the conservative government and in 2015 tactical voting did not stop the Conservatives winning here.

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“Far better in my view to vote for the party whose politicise you believe in.”

You can follow all the results and reaction as it happens with the Gazette live election news feed from polling day on Thursday and into the night.

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