Election 2017: Geoffrey Cox holds Torridge and West Devon seat for Conservatives

Geoffrey Cox arrives at the Torridge and West Devon count at Langtree Parish Hall

Geoffrey Cox arrives at the Torridge and West Devon count at Langtree Parish Hall - Credit: Archant

Conservative MP will retake seat after another record victory

Geoffrey Cox has won the Torridge and West Devon seat for a fourth time with another record victory.

Mr Cox will retake his seat in the House of Commons after securing 33,612 votes – 56 per cent of the overall turnout.

However, what wasn’t clear was whether he would be part of the ruling party, or even who his leader may be.

Two years ago the Conservative MP recouped more than half of the votes, and went event better this time.

Labour enjoyed some of the surge felt across the UK, were the closest challengers to Mr Cox, getting their highest ever share of the vote in Torridge and West Devon.

Vince Barry received 12,926 votes for the party – 21.68 per cent.

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Liberal Democrat David Chalmers recovered some support for the party after their huge loss in 2015 with 10,526 votes – 17.68 per-cent.

Independent candidate Robin Julian received 794 votes, and Green Party candidate Chris Jordan received 1,622.

Mr Cox said he was ‘deeply honoured to be elected for fourth time’.

He added: “I am humbled by the support, this is the largest majority ever won by any member of parliament in Torridge and West Devon and it is an enormous privilege and I am honoured by the support of so many people.

“I will be starting next week and devoting myself to the priorities of the people in this constituency and we will try to form a stable and workable government, which has got to be the focus of all our efforts over the next few days.”

Mr Cox said the party would be ‘looking at a minority government’ and would be looking for form ‘working relationships with other parties’.

He gave his support to Theresa May, saying she had ‘provided solid leadership at an important time of the country’s history’.

The announcement came just before 6am on Friday, almost five hours earlier than the declaration in 2015.

Turnout for the election in Torridge was 74 per cent, the highest since the 1997 General Election.

Mr Cox was voted into the House of Commons for the first time in 2005.

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