Are you registered to vote in North Devon and Torridge?


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Are you registered to vote? Changes to the system mean you must register yourself - find out more here.

Once you turn 18 you have a right to vote – but it is important to make sure you are registered.

Being on the electoral register not only means you can vote – it is also used by credit reference agencies to check your name and address if you’re applying for credit.

Schools may sue the electoral register to check you live within their catchment area as well.

Changes to the system

It used to be that one person in your household was responsible for registering everyone who lives at your address.

That means that often your mum or dad would register you once you were old enough.

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But now it is down to each individual person to register themselves – this is called individual electoral registration.

The good news it that you can do it online, and it only takes a few minutes.

How do I register to vote?

Registering to vote is simple. You will need some ‘identifying information’ about yourself, including your national insurance and date of birth.

You can register online at or call 01271 388277 if you live in North Devon, or 01237 428702 if you live Torridge.

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