A 30mph average speed limit on the North Devon Link Road recorded 700 speeding offences in its first eight days.

The average speed limit has been introduced while roadworks to repair Bray Viaduct near Filleigh take place.

The Peninsula Road Safety Partnership (PRSP), which is enforcing the speed limit alongside Devon and Cornwall Police, has warned those caught will be receiving penalty notices in the post.

A release from PRSP said a number of motorists had been caught aggressively tailgating and overtaking an unmarked police vehicle as it patrolled the 40mph 'buffer zone' either side of the average speed cameras.

Marcus Laine, the operations manager for the Peninsula Road Safety Partnership, said: "The average speed system and the 40mph buffer either side are only a couple of miles long, there is no excuse for the aggressive tailgating and reckless overtakes we have already witnessed within the area of the road works.

"Speed detection vans and unmarked police vehicles including the No Excuse team will be patrolling the A361 to ensure the small minority of motorists who do not consider such speed limits, which have been imposed for safety of the road engineers and all road users, as applying to them, are prosecuted for any offences they may commit within the buffer zone.

"Those that choose to exceed the 30mph limit within the average speed system will automatically receive a notice of intended prosecution in the post."

The system has been installed to protect engineers carrying out the £400,000 scheme.

Large holes have been cut in the road surface to create access under the viaduct and although covered the PRSP has warned travelling over them at excessive speed could lead to an collision.

A series of road closures are planned while work on the viaduct continues.

The first closure will be from 7pm on Tuesday, February 5 as work switches from the Tiverton-bound side of the road to the Barnstaple-bound side.

Devon County Council has said the road remain closed the following morning while a temporary ramp for traffic is tested, eventually reopening by 3pm on February 6.

The road is also scheduled to be closed over night on Sunday, February 10, Wednesday, March 6, and Monday, March 18.

Diversions will be in place via Landkey, Swimbridge and Filleigh during the closures.