Shocking footage from a truck driver has shown the moment of ‘absolute madness’ when an overtaking Range Rover narrowly avoided a disastrous collision on the A361 North Devon Link Road.

HGV driver Wayne Clarke posted dashcam footage on Facebook that showed the vehicle overtake his lorry in the face on oncoming traffic and only just avoid being wiped out by a lorry coming the other way.

The Range Rover illegally crossed double white lines to get back into the carriageway as the trucker driving towards him frantically flashed his headlights.

The incident happened on Tuesday, January 7 on the A361 just before Two Gates Cross near Rackenford.

Wayne said: "I was driving eastbound at 50mph in my 40 tonne artic with a fully loaded trailer at approximately 3pm when the grey Range Rover went past me.

"Obviously it's clear from the video how lucky we all were today, a split second later and everyone involved would have been either traumatised for life or dead.

"I hope this video will make others think twice about driving dangerously on that road."