Lifeboat rescues boat owner twice in one day

It was an unlucky day for the owner of a 28ft catamaran who had to be rescued by lifeboat crews twice.

IT WAS a busy day for Appledore’s RNLI lifeboat on Saturday as crews came to the rescue of one unlucky catamaran owner…twice.

The inshore lifeboat was called out when the owner’s catamaran capsized, and after towing the boat back to shore, had to rescue the owner for a second time when his dinghy broke down.

The 28ft cruising catamaran set sail under full rig on the estuary under strong gale-force eight winds, but disaster struck.

The vessel got caught in the strong winds and capsized, and the crew made a lucky escape onto nearby boats.

The Appledore lifeboat and coastguard were alerted by members of the public, and were launched to the scene where they attempted to right the boat.

But the boat was too waterlogged and heavy, so instead it was towed by both the inshore lifeboat and then the larger, all-weather lifeboat to Instow.

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Disaster struck a second time for the unfortunate owner, who after returning to his mooring to collect his dinghy, found the engine failing.

The inshore rescue boat was called to rescue the owner for a second time, who was drifting down the river, unable to help himself.

Martin Cox, coxswain of the Appledore RNLI warned boat users: “Please take note of the weather forecasts before you go out and only go if it is safe to do so.

“If you are sailing, reef your sails to match the wind conditions. There is a well-known saying by boaters: ‘better a day on the land wishing you were at sea, than a day at sea wishing you were on the land’.”

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