Penalty charge notice affixed to Appledore vessel, but district council cancels it as goodwill gesture.

The parking ticket received by the Douglas Paley lifeboatThe parking ticket received by the Douglas Paley lifeboat

APPLEDORE Lifeboat Station’s loyal Atlantic 75 lifeboat received an unwelcome retirement gift on Friday afternoon as it got ready to go to its new home.

The Douglas Paley was awaiting departure to its new headquarters on a car trailer in Churchfield car park when a parking attendant decided to issue it with a ticket.

The crew members had just popped into the lifeboat station for a few minutes to sign some paperwork, and came back to discover the ticket.

Niki Tait, of the RNLI, said: “With everything the crew had to do it slipped their minds to even think of getting a parking ticket.

“It was Torridge District Council’s parting donation to the RNLI. We like most donations, however big or small, but that one we thought was a little unnecessary.”

But in a gesture of goodwill, the council decided to cancel the offending ticket.

Councillor Roger Johnson, lead member for the Torridge economy, said: “The RNLI provide an invaluable service for residents and visitors and we would rather work together so that hopefully in the future we can work more closely with them in identifying their needs.”

To read more about Appledore Lifeboat Station’s new boat, see page 18 of this week’s Gazette.