Discount retailer Lidl has set its sights on Bideford - will you sign petition to support it?

Supermarket giant Lidl has confirmed it is in the final stages of applying for permission to build a new store in Bideford.

The discount retailer has set its sights on land off Clovelly Road, next to the Atlantic Park site where an application for an Aldi store is awaiting determination by Torridge District Council.

Lidl has sent consultation questionaires to more than 13,000 homes in the Bideford area, asking for support for the store.

It has also set up an online petition to ‘support Lidl in Bideford’, which has had more than 210 signatures.

The superstore, which has objected to the plans for an Aldi, promises to create 35 new jobs with a 1,424 sq m store and 127 parking spaces.

According to Lidl, the site opposite BJs Value House already has the necessary planning permission for retail use.

James Mitchell, head of property at Lidl, has written to TDC stating it would be ‘only fair’ to determine the pending Lidl application and Aldi application together due to the ‘similar natures’ of the proposals.

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