Liberty’s light

Thank You Uncle Sam

In the darkest days of ’41

When England stood alone

We had a distant friend

Who never left us on our own

Spurred on by Churchill’s words

Roosevelt kept every option open

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With no promise being broken.

When Uncle Sam is on the march

Keep all horizons clear

Foes of liberty and freedom

Will start to feel the fear

America stood as liberty’s light

Thank God they joined us in the fight

Against an overwhelming tide

We were then united side by side.

Across the vast Atlantic

Young men they would send

They would never let us down

But fought through till the end

The Atlantic was a highway

Arms and men in colonnade

With all their lives at risk

This was a one way trade.

When men died by the thousands

There’s feelings words can’t say

But one thing I am sure of

It’s a debt we can’t repay

Father told me many times

When the “YANKS” came on our side

That we could never fail

But history may just tell...a very different tale.

There’s those who criticise

And may never realize

A fact so often missed

Without the USA ... the UK would not exist

As I express my feelings

Thanks is such a simple word

Never let this be forgotten

And at all times always heard.

Leonard Hill


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