Letters: Dogs, badgers and the wallaroo

Demonstrations, in 2017, on Instow beach against the dog restrictions. Picture: Jim Bell

Demonstrations, in 2017, on Instow beach against the dog restrictions. Picture: Jim Bell - Credit: Archant

Several correspondents shared their thoughts on the Instow Beach dog ban news, while Boris Johnson’s use of language once again drew some comments.

Our report that the signs banning dogs from Instow Beach during the summer months had been removed drew a response from the parish council and continues to be divisive.

We also received some thoughts on the relationship between marsupials and British politics in time for our print editions of October 16.

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Instow Parish Council wrote:

Instow Parish Council is concerned that last weeks report and photograph on the removal of the dog control signs was misleading.

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The parish council has never worked with the Dog Walkers Alliance, or discussed parish matters with this organisation.

The decision to remove the signs were taken at the parish council meeting held in September.

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The removal of the signs were undertaken by members of the parish council.

No members of the public were involved in the removal of the signs.


Joelle Ness, of Appledore, wrote:

This is not about whether this particular issue is right or wrong.

Nowadays we are living in difficult times when democracy and respect for law and social order is fast disappearing in whole spheres of life.

At the time the parish council carried out a survey which found that the vast majority who responded were in favour of 'some sort of control over dogs on the beach'.

After many years of irritation from both sides now the new council has cited that they could not enforce the restrictions in place and effectively have given up.

The worrying message these days seems to be: Never mind the will of the people, if we cannot enforce it, we just ignore it.

The obvious consequence here is that the people of Instow have been let down. It has got to be a hollow victory for the Dog Walkers Alliance. Democracy is such a precious tool in our hands we will all be so sorry when it is gone for good.


Ron Scammell, of Northam, wrote:

Boris Johnson our esteemed Prime Minister sought to enthuse his supporters at the recent Conservative Party conference by intimating that Speaker Bercow, clearly a party members' favourite, should be forced to eat 'a kangaroo testicle'.

Who says parliamentary standards have dropped?

Should you be puzzled by such an unconventional, critical reference it perhaps confirms the importance of context - in 2017, Boris Johnson's father, Stanley, appeared on I'm A Celebrity - Get Me Out Of Here, declaring before he went into the jungle that he did not 'know that a lamb's testicle is different from kangaroo testicle'.

His son clearly knows much more about such genetics and their application, such is his famed attention to detail, after a classical education achieved by very few.

But that is not the whole story - such is our Prime Minister's expertise that I can reveal just how erudite he, a proud product of Eton, is.

One might have thought that he merely used this reference because the jungle in question is Australian where uniquely kangaroos are to be found in abundance, but you are mistaken.

The word 'euro' doesn't just refer to a derided monetary unit used within the EU, a currency that mysteriously keeps its value much more than our obviously far superior pound sterling.

No, Boris clearly knows that the word 'euro also refers to a large 'wallaroo', a large kangaroo with appropriately large testicles fit for Speaker Bercow, and far, far superior to those wallabies of Australian rugby fame. (Aboriginal 'wolaru').

Such inspiring knowledge is so impressive that words almost fail me.

Kim Jong-un must be very worried - until recently he thought he was only in competition with Donald Trump. Now two world-class talents at the same time.


Barbara Garwood, of Bideford, wrote:

Since 2013 58.000 badgers have been shot in the badger cull, being greatly extended every year.

This year the target is up to 64.000, which is absolute carnage.

The culls are totally unscientific, pointless and very inhumane, with many badgers escaping, fatally injured, enduring a long painful death.

Gloucester has proven to have a 130 per cent increase in BTB, despite increased culling since 2013.

Bad animal husbandry is believed to be the cause by all independent scientist's, cattle movements, inaccurate testing, lack of vaccination and the spread of slurry.

The numbers continuing to be killed will cause extinctions in many areas and just when its been reported that British wildlife has tragically declined by 60 per cent.

The cost to the taxpayer is very many millions plus being partly funded by the EU, as its economic for them, rather than tackling the real cause.

Huge numbers of badgers are killed on the roads, apart from the large increase in illegal badger baiting.

The vast majority of the public are totally opposed but it is fuelled by a powerful minority and this is a supposed protected species.

Brian May is proving a clean farm is free of bovine TB.

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