Letter from Queen Mother appears in Barnstaple charity shop

Volunteer Colin Evans with the book.

Volunteer Colin Evans with the book. - Credit: Archant

Charity shop volunteers believe the note found in a book was written by the Queen Mother.

The letter is signed by Elizabeth R.

The letter is signed by Elizabeth R. - Credit: Archant

A CHARITY shop in Barnstaple has discovered a book which they believe contains a hand written letter from the Queen Mother.

The letter, which turned up at the Barnstaple Link Rotary Shop in Boutport Street, appears to be a note of appreciation to the Auxiliary Territorial Service.

The letter is undated but talks about peace residing once more ‘after six years of toil and unequalled constancy’.

Penny Furseman, a volunteer from the shop said: “We have no idea if it’s genuine but the Buckingham Palace logo is raised and looks authentic so it is possible, but we have no idea how to price it.

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“I think we would be happy with £10 and maybe someone might get more by selling on.”

The shop, run by the Barnstaple Link Rotary Club, relies on donations to raise money for local clubs and small charities.

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“The shop is run entirely by volunteers who price the donations as they arrive,” said Penny.

“There are no volunteers with any expertise in identifying valuables so our pricing is a bit of a guessing game”

The shop recently received a silver plate which it was selling for £10, until a customer suggested it might be worth more than that.

Phil Boaden, the shop manager, said: “A very kind lady alerted us to a metal plate we were selling for £10 and suggested we tried to get it valued for scrap.

“It was silver and we received £115.

“Then a local antiques jeweller popped in to say that he had just paid £150 for an item someone bought in the shop for £1, so there really are bargains to be had.”

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