Summer feels like it has finally kicked off on Lundy, with the island coastline looking decidedly Mediterranean.

There is clear visibility and turquoise dappled waters highlighting shoals of sand eels and pollack, blooms of jellyfish, kelp fronds punctuated by prehistoric-looking giant spider crabs, and of course the cheeky faces of our Atlantic grey seal population.

Lundy is home to around 300 of these wonderful marine mammals, but from the 21st August we will have one more joining our special family: Septimus the seal.

Septimus is the 2.4m skeleton of a male Atlantic grey seal, who was found on a beach near St Austell Bay in Cornwall in 2014. He was recovered by the Cornwall Seal Group Research Trust, who removed him from the beach and took him to a safe place for his body to decay in peace. Two years later, the skeleton was cleaned and rebuilt, and his articulated skeleton is now on display for educational purposes.

On Lundy we have collaborated many times with the fantastic CSGRT, and we are delighted that they are bringing Septimus to Lundy as part of a unique exhibition in our newly refurbished St Helen's Church Centre.

Visitors during this time will be able to see our successful seal population as they disembark the Oldenburg and ascend the Beach Road to the village, and then have the special experience of getting up close and personal with Septimus in the island church.

There is much that we can learn from Septimus; he comes with his own unique story, complete with visual signs of trauma that show first-hand the struggles that this globally rare species face for survival, and in particular the impact that humans have upon marine species. With action to save our blue planet at the forefront of many people's minds, a visit to Septimus on Lundy is sure to compel, inspire and inform positive action for all ages, as well as being a fantastic day out to remember.

Septimus is on Lundy from August 21 for six weeks. If you are interested in seeing this unique event on the island, then be sure to book your day tickets on the MS Oldenburg in advance through the Lundy Shore Office on 01271 863636.

Siân Cann

Lundy Island