Let us vote on Verity

Is everything in life about money? Councillors clearly think so. Their view is that Damien Hirst’s work of art/monstrosity is going to make shedloads of money for Ilfracombe, which is going to become the culture centre of North Devon!

Well, I actually like Ilfracombe – warts and all. Councillors depreciatingly call it a bucket and spade holiday resort. Exactly! And that’s why I take my grandkids there. There’s plenty to do, even if it’s raining, plus seagulls, boat trips and candyfloss (when Grandad’s not looking!).

As for Jean Dove’s comments (“Statue is inspired”, Opinion, July 18), I failed to grasp her reasoning of actually inferring that God would approve of Verity.

She states that God created women to bear children ... therefore men were involved! Fine. So far so good, can’t argue with that. So why can’t we have a huge 66ft-high totally naked male standing next to Verity with his buttocks and everything else hanging down – which was presumably the cause of Verity’s condition?

We could even kid ourselves and pretend it was “inspired” by God. Jean then takes it to another, serious level when she states that there is some sort of “anti-abortion” message here and explains it as another symbol of God’s word that “You should not kill”.

You may also want to watch:

Oh please! With open eyes, I see a totally inappropriate 66ft-high, naked, pregnant lady with her guts hanging out. Woman’s bodies are used to sell everything these days, from cars, condoms and double glazing.

I went to Hampton Court Palace Garden Show recently. Everything I saw was breathtaking, inspirational – and I felt really proud to be British!

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The sculptures (even the naked ones) and the artwork were amazingly beautiful – a delight and pleasure to behold.

The work of John Cox of Escar UK Bronze stood way above the rest. I pictured his work on Ilfracombe Harbour.

A 66ft-high bronze statue of say ... dolphins, fishermen, a mermaid, children with buckets and spades, harbour porpoises (about to be wiped out with the Atlantic Array!). Something that would unite Ilfracombe, North Devon and tourists.

Lets have a referendum – Damien Hirst or John Cox? Escar’s website can be found at www.ukbronze.co.uk

Joanne Bell


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