Let’s make the punishment fit the crime

SIR - While there is a massive outcry in the national and international press regarding the killing of “Our Emperor of Exmoor”; at the time of writing, coverage seems to have been limited in our own local press? Rackenford is our back-yard.

I received an email from my brother in New York and a friend in New Zealand and even during the BBC Andrew Marr show on Sunday morning, that other Icon (of Rock Music) Alice Cooper stated on national television that: “Anyone going out to shoot that magnificent animal should be shot themselves.”

While, I am sure Alice was exaggerating, I personally would like the Judiciary of this country to start making the punishment fit the crime. I’m sure some would like to see the stocks brought back for people like the woman who put the cat in the wheelie bin; yobs who are unspeakably cruel to defenceless animals and those who break the law and go cubbing and hunting.

Some would like them put in the stocks for a couple of days without food where the public (if they so choose) could humiliate them with a few rotten tomatoes and worse! I personally would make them pay huge amounts of money (where it hurts them most) to animal charities.

I am appalled that wealthy foreigners who have wiped out their own wildlife, now come over here and pay farmers and landowners huge amounts of money to wipe out ours! Shame on them!

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“Emperor” was not simply an iconic figure epitomising all that North Devon is, and what visitors come here for ie wild countryside and wild animals. “Emperor” was up there with such greats as “Red Rum” & “Shergar”. He was somehow, very special indeed.

Joanne Bell,

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West Yelland.

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