Let’s have the costs

When, some time ago, the idea of creating a Roundswell Parish Council was first aired, I thought it was a good idea.

But, after giving it some thought, I decided it was perhaps better to stick with remaining a part of the well organised, well administered and long established Fremington Parish Council – which, despite some claims to the contrary, provides its parishioners with a good level of service.

However, if those who, following their clipboard survey and claiming to have the support of the majority of residents in Roundswell, are able to present a good business case, then I may be persuaded to change my mind again.

If Mr Turner and his colleagues in the Roundswell Residents’ Association, given that their proposed council will be funded by council tax payers, will submit for publication in the pages of the North Devon Gazette their [costed] proposals for operating an independent council, [then it] may persuade Roundswell residents to feel that these people actually know what they are talking about.

Such costs would include administration costs, including labour and legal costs, premises to accommodate the council staff with costings for furniture and fittings together with forecasts for the upkeep of play areas, public spaces and general operating costs, etc.

Robin Harman


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