Let’s bring back Matron

What a shocking NHS news story has hit the headlines this week – 572 “never events” have been revealed.

Metal instruments and swabs left in the patient, operations performed on the wrong parts of the body, all on top of the Mid Staffs astounding disclosure that 1,200 patients have died needlessly.

Others left in their own excretions, food and water out of reach, and no police investigation.

We cannot let this go.

Meanwhile, 8,000 mid-management hospital button-pressers earn £100,000 a year and what do their North Devon District Hospital counterparts do?

Ban patients and staff from smoking in outdoor locations. Nice one, Cyril! Deny patients and their carers their basic human rights in their dying days. Yes, that’s the answer.

UKIP’s sensational rise in popularity is all about freedom. Pubs and the jobs that go with them are being decimated by the day.

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Bring in the right of a publican to offer a smoking room and the right of the people to choose, say UKIP, and the ballot box has delivered a thunderous “Yes, yes, yes!”

What we need in hospital is Hattie Jacques, the formidable matron. Someone who cares; someone who cares for the patient; someone who cares for the nurses; someone who cares for pristinity.

The proudest hospital begins with the first building block and that is matron.

Let’s hope UKIP’s rise to fame begins with Dr Kenneth Williams’s “Oooh, Matron!” ringing down the corridors!

TP Gidman


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