Legal but immoral

In response to letter from Robin Harman in the Gazette, of November 14, ‘Unfair Petrol Prices’

A Guardian report on Tuesday, October 30, 2012, by Seamus Milne states ‘Asda, Google, Apple, eBay, Ikea, Starbucks, Vodafone: all pay minimal tax on massive UK revenues’.

Perhaps this is the explanation for them being able to offer lower petrol prices and still make a profit.

I would rather have fair taxation of companies like Asda than cheap petrol.

As our national politicians seem unable or unwilling to act on this tax issue, I say to any councillors reading; consider which company applying for planning permission is prepared to pay a proper rate of taxation in the UK on its profits and take a dim view of any applications by companies that resort to legal but immoral tax avoidance as tax paying workers do.

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