Irish Naval vessel LÉ James Joyce is set to sail away from her berth in Appledore tomorrow (Tuesday) morning.

LÉ James Joyce will set sail from its Appledore berth at the break of day tomorrow (Tuesday) morning.

The 90 metre Irish Naval vessel is due to set sail half an hour before high water on the 6.21am tide.

Bideford harbour master Roger Hoad said: “Babcock says that barring any serious problems on the 24 hour-or-so trial, she will then land her ship yard crew and sail on to Ireland.”

The vessel, first floated in November last year, weighs 2,256 tonnes with a top speed of 23 knots, a 76mm gun, two 20mm cannons and four general purpose machine guns.

LÉ James Joyce has undergone several trials at sea, and been spotted off the North Devon coastline on many occassions since November.

Work is also now underway on the third OPV, with first steel cut in September last year and delivery scheduled for summer 2016.

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