Traders displaying the yellow poster will be open every Thursday evening from now until Christmas

Ilfracombe High Street shops are running a series of Thursday late night shopping evenings up until Christmas.

Stores displaying the yellow ‘late night’ posters will be open until 8pm, continuing tomorrow (Thursday).

Shirley Burge, vice chairman of the High Street Traders, said a wide range of shops would be taking part, with some offering Christmas refreshments to get the festive spirit going.

“It was just something we thought of, to do a late night opening before Barnstaple and give Ilfracombe a chance,” she said.

“It also gives shoppers a chance as they can’t always get out to the shops during the day, so here at least they can go once a week.”

Shirley said it was the first time they had tried the late night Thursday opening outside of Lighting the Lights night and customers she had spoken to thought it was a good idea.