A vehicle fire on the M5 closed all three lanes. The road is expected to be back to normal by 1.30pm

Motorists driving on the M5 northbound are currently facing delays due to a vehicle fire.

All of the lanes were closed between Junction 21 and Junction 20 due to the fire.

The lanes have now been re-opened between the junctions for Weston-Super-Mare and Clevedon but queues remain back to Sedgemoor.

Highways England reports delays of up to two and a half hours.

Eye witness Dawn Ellis tweeted this photo of an ambulance that had caught fire on the M5.

She said: “Tailbacks almost as far as junction 23! Miles and miles. Lots of people out of cars wondering what’s going on.”

Normal traffic conditions are expected to return between 1.15pm and 1.30pm.