Staff at Landkey Community Primary Academy have reached out to their locked down pupils with a heartfelt video message.

They each held up a word to spell out their message about how much they were missing the children and posted it on social media where it received more than 3,000 views in one day.

Headteacher Kate Fairbrother said: “All of us at Landkey Community Primary Academy are really missing the children and wanted to let them know that they are always in our thoughts.

“We have had reports that some children are watching the video over and over and some are pausing on their teacher and teaching assistant.

“Parents have told us they didn’t realise quite how much their children are missing school. It even boosted morale amongst our staff who are not getting to see each other at the moment. This is a unique time for us all and we are glad to have spread a little happiness.”

The school is open for key worker children with staff on a rota to provide care.