North Devon Council offered money for ‘Dotto’ trackless train in the town.

A Dotto train decked in Ilfracombe colours could soon be cruising the town streets.A Dotto train decked in Ilfracombe colours could soon be cruising the town streets.

A new transport link could be on the streets of Ilfracombe by Christmas after the offer of a £190,000 grant towards a land train for the town.

The Dotto Italian-made train, similar to those in Torquay or Bournemouth, would be able to take passengers on a circuit around the town from the seafront and harbour to the High Street.

North Devon Council applied for the European funding from the Leader 4 programme and looks set to throw in another £10,000, as long as the scheme is approved by the executive committee next month. The Leader 4 grant must be used by the end of the year.

Plans for a trackless train stalled and were shelved in 2010, but now it is hoped the town can still become the first place in North Devon to have a Dotto.

As well as a means of getting visitors around the town and to different areas, such as the High Street, it is also hoped the train would help cut traffic congestion and parking problems.

Sally Nelson, senior regeneration officer at North Devon Council, said: “It provides an additional tourist attraction for Ilfracombe and we are trying to ensure the increased footfall brought about by Verity benefits the whole town.”

The trains take three month to manufacture and if all goes ahead, the operator will be selected by a tender process during that time.