Lack of fish shop

SIR - I read with some interest your front page article in the Gazette last week.

Where is one supposed to buy this local fish that you talk about?

When I first moved to Bideford 13 years ago there was a wet fish shop in the town, but that has shut and now a stall appears just once a week. There is also a small retailer in the Pannier Market, but that is not always open.

Also, up until they rebuilt the fish dock in Appledore . I was able to buy a box of fish there. After the rebuild when I went to buy fish I was informed they could no longer supply me as the local council had stopped them retailing there.

If you really want to start a crusade to eat more local fish, the first thing we need is a proper wet fish shop in the town and to badger the council to allow sales in the fish dock building in Appledore.

I lived many years in London and I can assure you they welcome you with open arms in Billingsgate fish market and even have special promotion days to encourage people to visit.

Sid North,

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