Happy ending for three week old kittens left in a box and covered in chemicals

Four tiny kittens found abandoned in a cardboard box in South Molton have beaten the odds.

The four were very weak and covered with some sort of red liquid that had badly irritated their eyes.

They were found by a man who kindly took them to Market Vets at Pottington in Barnstaple but at around three weeks old they were not expected to survive.

But miraculously they did and through Barnstaple and District Cats Protection have now all found loving new homes.

Sue Carder at the charity said a veterinary worker took them home at night for the first week to provide fantastic care before Sue took over.

It was a battle feeding them every few hours and trying to wean them off milk in a syringe to meat, but Sue and her husband Dave persevered.

The two black and white boys and two black girls have been named Max, Marley, Maizie and Misty.

Sue said: “They are now eight weeks old and all four have lovely new homes, even better is that they will be going in pairs.

“There is no excuse for the actions of the person who dumped the kittens and essentially left them to die a slow death - there are several local animal charities including Cats Protection that would have taken them.

“If anyone reading this has an unwanted litter of kittens please call us on 03453 714203 and then please get your cat spayed.”

The charity is currently running a ‘snip and chip’ where cats can be neutered and microchipped for just £10.