Kitchen 999: Emergency Chefs visits Trimstone Manor at West Down on Thursday, April 6

There is shenanigans in the kitchen as Trimstone Manor near Ilfracombe appears on national television this Thursday (April 6).

The hotel and restaurant features in Kitchen 999: Emergency Chefs on Channel 4 at 10pm.

The show follows 'rapid response cooks' as the agency chefs race to troubled restaurants across the UK.

Viewers will see chef Leslie Wills rush to Trimstone, while elsewhere Justine Forrest descends on a luxury London hotel and avant-garde chef James Cathcart must put his aspirations on hold as he churns out fast food at a heaving Midlands pub.

Owner Philip Milton said: "I suspect I shan't be totally happy with what I see but apparently, we come-out well in the end.

"There are some great pictures of North Devon in there too and overall dinner guests enjoyed what they sampled with us. If you miss it you can download it on catch-up TV."

Mr Milton thanked all those who went along to dine with them for the August bank holiday, but added: "It was like pulling teeth to secure attendance from locals to sample the experience, which was a shame, when we were doing our best to raise North Devon's profile as a super holiday destination nationally, let alone ourselves as a great place to come and dine or party.

"The pressure was pretty intensive too and the arrangements were only confirmed a very short time before the crew arrived.

"We were already busy as well so to add that pressure made us think we were being very masochistic but all the staff did really well."

Watch Kitchen 999: Emergency Chefs at 10pm on Thursday (April 6) on Channel 4.