North Devon Council has awarded £10,000 to community projects in Kings Nympton.

The council's strategy and resources committee agreed to use contributions from the developers of land next to Villa Park for two projects in the village.

A project to refurbish the kitchen in the parish hall will receive £9,000.

Furthermore, £1,050 will go towards installing a footpath at the entrance to the playing field to improve access for wheelchair and pushchair users.

North Devon Council leader, Councillor David Worden, said: "Contributions from local developers which are part of the planning permission conditions, allows the council to give back to our communities in a tangible way.

"These type of projects ensure that towns and villages across North Devon receive the facilities they need to improve their communities as they grow."

Contributions can be sought from developers towards the costs of providing extra community and social infrastructure as a result of the impact of a new development.

These contributions are commonly referred to as 'Section 106'. The money can only be used for certain things, but is used primarily for public open space projects.