Residents in Torridge told not to put out their kerbside recycling ‘until further announcements’ following South Molton Recycle going into administration today (Monday).

Torridge residents have been told not to put their recycling collections out ‘until further notice’.

The news comes after South Molton Recycle (SMR), who manage the Torridge recycling contract, announced this morning (Monday) it had gone into administration.

People in Bideford, Torrington, Holsworthy and the surrounding villages have been told not to put their green box, or green and brown bag recycling out ‘until further announcements’.

Councillor James Morrish, deputy leader of TDC, said: “This is very sad news that this local company providing local employment has gone into administration.

“We are doing our utmost to limit the inconvenience to our residents and to mitigate any additional costs to our council tax payers.

“We would ask our residents to please bear with us as we put contingency plans into action and, if at all possible, to deliver their recycling to one of the many recycling facilities within the area.”

‘Practical options’

In a statement earlier today, SMR said it had offered ‘practical options’ to Torridge to limit disruption, but the council ‘rejected’ them all.

SMR director Sarah Portsmouth said: “TDC has stated that they intend to provide the service themselves and have contingency plans to do so.

“We have offered our knowledge and assistance to them in taking over the service, but this has also not been accepted.

“They have stated they do not intend to take on any staff associated with the contract, so all 30 of those staff have been made redundant today.”

‘Surprised and disappointed’

But Mr Morrish has hit back at the claims made by SMR that it would take over the recycling deliver itself.

He said: “The council had not received any formal notification of the administration of SMR or that the recycling service would stop immediately, so we were surprised and disappointed to learn of the news via the media.

“The council has had some general talks with SMR recently, regarding the future operation of the company.

“However, given the circumstances, there were unfortunately no feasible options available to us that would also have satisfied the council’s remit to protect the public purse.

“It also needs to be stated that the council has at no time advised that it would assume delivery of the recycling service itself.

“Residents can be assured though that a contingency plan will be implemented as soon as possible and once details of SMR’s position is known.

“We will obviously look to minimise the inconvenience to households as much as possible and will do all we can to keep everyone fully informed of progress.”

Alternative recycling facilities

Torridge District Council refuse (black bag) and green waste (wheelie bin) services will continue as usual.

Recycling facilities are available for all the materials South Molton Recycling formerly collected at kerbside as well as tetrapaks, margarine tubs, and yoghurt pots at the following locations:

Caddsdown Business Park, Clovelly Road, Bideford, Devon, EX39 3BE

Holsworthy Recycling Centre, Anvil Corner, Holsworthy, Devon, EX22 6NR

Deep Moor Recycling Centre, High Bullen, Torrington, Devon, EX38 7JA

In addition to the three sites above, Torridge District Council provides further recycling facilities at many of its car parks - read the full list here.

Depending on the length of the disruption, additional recycling banks may be provided at strategic locations throughout the district.

Check back for more updates as we have them.